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West End Comes To Marbs

The thing many of us love about Marbella is the diversity of the people that have decided to call Marbella their home. As well as local Spaniards, there are many people from all over Europe, and further afield. That is what makes Marbella such a happy, interesting and cosmopolitan place to live. One thing I do sometimes struggle with though is not being able to hop on a train to London's West End to see a p ...

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Sailing Yacht A

Well it is all kicking off in Gibraltar right now (and that is not a ‘Trumpism’ like his Sweden comments over the weekend). It’s nothing to do with sovereignty or border queues, no disputes or even cigarette smuggling. The story making the national headlines over the last few days concerns the impounding (it is officially called 'Ship Arrest') of one of the biggest and most expensive superyachts in the worl ...

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Sala Super League Month 2

As I write this review of month two of La Sala Golf Super League the rain is literally lashing down and the wind is howling. How much difference 24 hours can make is quite unbelievable. We are thanking our lucky stars that we had hot sun beaming down on us Saturday as we rolled up for the second event of the year. This time the venue was Los Flamingos golf course and Team Tee R E arrived nice and early so w ...

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Danniella Westbrook Arrives

Danniella Westbrook should be remembered for her role in the UK's popular soap Eastenders where she played the love torn, and often troubled Samantha Mitchell, on-off from 1990 right up to her last appearance in 2016. Sadly she is most often remembered for her explosive and public relationship with East 17's Brian Harvey, and those horrific pictures where she suffered total erosion of her nasal septum due t ...

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Jacks Smokehouse Opens

Some more exciting news for Puerto Banus is that Jacks, the well-known restaurant on the front line of the port, has undergone a major refurbishment and change in its style of cuisine. The new restaurant has kept its name Jacks but has become Jacks Smokehouse. So what is a smokehouse? According to Wikipedia a smokehouse is the North American name for a type of building where meat or fish is cured using smok ...

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Expobodas Marbella

There have always been a good number of people from the colder and wetter European countries booking their weddings in Marbella because of the more predictable sunny weather. It is every bride's dream to have the sun shining on their big day and this demand has meant that many wedding planners now provide successful wedding services in Marbella. From this year however, Marbella will be heavily pushing and p ...

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