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Bananarama and Human League Marbella

Having grown up in the 1980’s, and a huge lover of 80’s music, it’s no wonder one of the concerts I am most looking forward to this year is Bananarama and the Human League playing the tennis club at Puente Romano promoted by Costa Cosmetica.

Anyone with at least one foot in the 80’s will have heard of some of the tunes from these two top bands of the decade.

Bananarama (having just celebrated their 30 year anniversary), were originally made up of Keren Woodward, Sara Dallin and Siobhan Fahey before Siobhan left in 1988 and replaced with Jacquie O’Sullivan. They had hits with some great tracks like ‘Cruel Summer’, ‘Love in the First Degree’, ‘Robert de Nero’s Waiting’, and ‘Venus’, to name a few.

These days it’s the original duo of Keren Woodward and Sara Dallin who are treating fans to the hits of Bananarama. A couple of weeks ago Hannah Murray of Talk Radio Europe ( interviewed Sara Dallin about the early years of Bananarama and how they got together.

It was interesting to hear that the famous hit ‘Robert de Nero’s Waiting’ was very nearly called ‘Al Pacino’s Waiting’. Thankfully for the girls it wasn’t, and it led to a very exciting phone call from the man himself, and an impromtu night of drinking and partying with him!

The other band playing at the Puente Romano have probably one of the most well-known hits of the 80’s, (still played at virtually every party even now) ’ Don’t You Want Me Baby’.

The Human League’s most consistent member was the lead singer and main song-writer Phil Oakey who originally formed his Sheffield band as an all-male synthesizer-based group before finding new talent in the form of Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley who have been long serving members of the band.

Other hits from the Human League include Love Action, Mirror Man and Fascination.

I am hoping that people around me at this concert have some ear plugs as I will be bellowing out, in my own tone deaf special way, all the hits from these two top 80’s bands.

For bookings / tickets call +34 952 88 77 95 – doors open at 8pm and the concert starts at 10pm so don’t be late!

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