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Famous for it’s nightlife Marbella (essentially Puerto Banus) welcomes people from all around the world who party in the sun comes up the following day.

Marbella and Puerto Banus are home to many great nightclubs and bars. The hardest decision you are likely to have to make is which one to choose for your night out.

Some of the bars and nightclubs in Marbella have become institutions and are visited by thousands of holiday makers during the summer. Many of them are also frequented by the growing list of celebrities who choose to have a break in Marbella, so you may well be sitting next to one of your favourite TV stars.

Over the last few years some of TV’s most popular celebrities have come to party in Marbella and were often spotted in nightclubs in Marbella and clubs in Puerto Banus. Some of the names you might have come across in the press were celebrities like Katie Price, Cheryl Cole, Peter Andre, the cast from TOWIE and even A Lister Eva Longoria. They would have been seen in Marbella nightclubs like TIBU, Aqwa Mist and Pangea in Puerto Banus.

Another highlight for the last couple of years is the performance by David Guetta in a nlightclub in Puerto Banus where he was also joined by Flo Rider.

Here ar Celebrities in Marbella we will keep you updated on all of the Marbella and Puerto Banus club news from swanky clubs overlooking the luxury yachts in Puerto Banus marina to bars with magnificent gardens, playing some of the latest tunes to dance the night away to.

Whatever type of night you are looking for you will find the right information on Marbella clubs and bars right here on Celebrities in Marbella as well as many exclusive pictures of the celebrities enjoying the Marbella hospitality.

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