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No Carbs Before Marbs

As everyone seems to have gone Marbs mad we thought we better catch up with Ellie Redman who is pretty much responsible for Marbella now being called Marbs by thousands of people across the UK.

Firstly thanks for giving up some of your valuable time while you are in the middle of launching your new boot camp ‘No Carbs Before Marbs’. Being a Marbella based celebrity gossip website we would love to learn more about
your concept and of course about you.

1 – The term ‘No Carbs Before Marbs’ has become a popular phrase the world over. How exactly did it come about and when was the first time you used it?
My girls and I absolutely love a holiday to Marbella, but the preparation for it is such hard work. You have to be looking your best and as you spend most your time there in your glitzy bikinis means your body is the area you concentrate the most on. I started ‘Ellie’s slimming club’ in preparation and a chance for us girls to get together and keep each other motivated by seeing our weight loss each week. While I was hosting the slimming clubs, I thought of a catchy phrase about MArbella, little did I know then how catchy it was going to be… “No Carbs Before Marbs”; the girls absolutely loved it and that’s where it all started at my slimming club, in my kitchen… how ironic ha ha!

2 – You are referred to as the TOWIE slimming queen, is this a title you are comfortable with and what made you specialise in slimming / fitness programs?
Oh yes, I love being the TOWIE slimming queen! I’ve always been interested in weight loss and fitness, it’s a big part of your health. Since the show, my life revolves around fitness and weight loss, I became an ambassador for a leading weight loss company ‘All About Weight’, I’ve recently opened a fitness boot camp ‘No Carbs Before Marbs boot camp’ and even my clothing range I’m bringing out this January with Super Star boots is called No Carbs Before Marbs. My phrase has opened so many windows of opportunity for me, so I couldn’t be more proud of my title.

3 – Going back to ‘No Carbs Before Marbs’ tell us a bit about the concept of your new boot camp and the types of things you will be offering.
My boot camp, is all about confidence building and life changing results physically and mentally. Whether our client’s goal is to lose weight, improve fitness, body tone or train for an event our experienced and qualified trainers will put them through their paces, helping them to achieve goals they thought they could never achieve. While at my boot camp I also feel it’s important that if they need support they have someone to turn to. I consider all my clients as my family and will offer as much support as they need. They also have free access to the amazing spa of an evening where they can chill out and relax. It will be an experience of a life time.

4 – What will your clients expect to benefit from by attending your boot camp?
At the beginning of their course we have our qualified trainers who will have a list of questions, one being what our clients would like to benefit and achieve from their experience. Our trainers will take everyone differently and fully understand everyone has different goals and want to benefit differently from their time with us. We are more than confident our clients will benefit themselves exactly how they had hoped for.

5 – What type of clients do you hope to attract to your boot camp?
Our boot camp is available to everyone, I want to create a family environment for all our clients and in a family you have people of all shapes and sizes, different interests and different goals. Seeing people from all walks of life achieving all their individual goals and becoming part of our boot camp family will mean a lot to me.

6 – If you could choose anyone in the world to attend your boot camp who would it be and why?
The comedian Alan Carr, he would be able to keep everyone in good spirit and provide lots of fun entertainment. He would be brilliant on our boot camp course, I can just imagine! Everyone would burn triple calories from laughing at his jokes too!

7 – Currently you have the boot camp at the Five Lakes, Crowne Plaza in Maldon Essex. Do you have plans to open other ‘No Carbs Before Marbs’ boot camps in other venues, like Marbella for example.
Yes we are currently in talks regarding taking the boot camp to Marbella as well for the near future. Nothing has been confirmed yet but this is something we are looking in to at the moment. It’s a plan that I will be very excited about if it goes in to action, which is more than likely.

8 – Being a regular visitor to Marbella what are your favourite venues to eat and dance.
There are so many lovely places in Marbella to eat and dance. Nikki Beach Marbella is amazing to do both, a striking venue and you can glam up Oscar style when hitting there. I do love TIBU to have a good party and we ate in the restaurant there (Bubbles) which was also delicious. I used to work in Linekers the summer of 2009 and have had so many amazing memories there so that is definitely another of my favourites.

9 – Will we see you on TOWIE again in the future?
I’m not sure the future plans for me and TOWIE, we will have to see!

10 – Do you think you will ever get Arg to complete a boot camp?
I was speaking to Arg the other day, in Lydia and Georgia’s shop ‘Bella Sorella’ and he said he would be up for doing the boot camp as did Lydia and Debbie. He seemed more enthusiastic about the boot camp than he did the slimming club so it looks likely.

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