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Elliott Wright

It’s the Wright foot forward for Elliott as he has secured his own prime time TV show which is set to replace Life on Marbs.

Elliott who has for a long time had businesses in Spain with a popular restaurant located in Torrevieja, and now a new restaurant in La Cala called Olivia’s, about 20 minutes up the coast from Marbella.

Having only been open for a few months Olivia’s has already become a firm favourite with many Costa del Sol residents and holiday makers alike. With the rumours that Elliott is set to pursue another business interest in Marbella itself the TV show will have lots of Wright things to cover, if the rumours are in fact true.

For those of you that don’t already know Elliott Wright, he is the cousin of TOWIE’s Mark Wight and Jess Wright and was himself in the reality show over the last couple of seasons.

The Wright’s seem to have been the standout successes of the whole TOWIE era with Mark now a full time presenter on Heart FM as well as appearing in shows like Take Me Out.

Elliott was not in the original TOWIE shows as he concentrated instead on helping his family build up their restaurant on the Costa Blanca, Eduardos (which incidentally is a great venue to eat).

Now it is time for Elliott Wright to expand his Spanish empire and he looks set to do something in Marbella itself (again if the rumours are true).

Listeners of Talk Radio Europe would have heard Elliott interviewed on Selina MacKenzie’s Lifestyle show on 8th March where he talked about Olivia’s in La Cala.

Elliott is already a familiar face in and around Marbella by joining in the odd La Sala Super League golf event, and that looks set to continue well into the future.

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Lindsey Who Runs The Sala Super League Grabs Photo Opportunity

Here at Celebrities in Marbella we wish him lots of success and will bring you updates and interviews over the coming months.

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