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Expobodas Marbella

There have always been a good number of people from the colder and wetter European countries booking their weddings in Marbella because of the more predictable sunny weather. It is every bride’s dream to have the sun shining on their big day and this demand has meant that many wedding planners now provide successful wedding services in Marbella.

From this year however, Marbella will be heavily pushing and promoting itself overseas as the best location in which to get married. This kicks off with the huge Marbella wedding fair, Expobodas Marbella on 22nd and 23rd April 2017 being held at the Adolfo Suarez Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions.

The wedding fair will promote all types of services and products associated with getting married in Marbella as well as promoting Marbella itself as the perfect wedding location.

The aim is to make Marbella the ‘capital’ for weddings on the Costa del Sol and this exhibition will run hand in hand with the national wedding fairs in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Wedding tourism as a huge market for Marbella financially and this fair will help showcase how great a wedding can be here.

The Expobodas wedding fair is aimed at attracting visitors from within and outside of Marbella as well as Spanish couples from Malaga and the wider areas of Andalucia.

Overseas the fair will look to initially appeal to couples from the UK but over the next few years they aim to attract couples from many other European destinations.

People in the UK can go and meet up with the Marbella team at the national wedding fair in Birmingham from 3rd to the 5th of March 2017. Their presence at the fairs in the UK also gives up to 4 wedding related businesses in Marbella the opportunity to join ‘Marbella’ at the fairs in the UK and promote their services directly to the UK public.

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