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Gary Sewell Of Sintillate

For Gary it wasn’t enough being a successful model, his entrepreneurial talents took over an he created a new ‘lifestyle’ experience that is now a worldwide success known as Sintillate. And just in case you didn’t know who invented the phenomenon now known as the Champagne Spray party, taken up by establishments like Nikki Beach and Ocean Club Marbella, meet Gary Sewell, ex model, club promotor, entrepreneur, friend to many a celebrity and all round nice guy.

Here at Celebrities in Marbella we were lucky enough to grab 10 minutes out of Gary’s extremely busy summer work schedule, fresh from personally looking after Katie Price, Kerry Katona and the cast of TOWIE in ‘Marbs’.

1. Sintillate is virtually a household name now on the clubbing scene, how many locations do you now cover?

We currently host parties in London, Liverpool, Nottingham, Essex, Bournemouth and Marbella. We’ll soon be relaunching in Dubai as well as Leeds and Glasgow.

2. We shouldn’t really ask you this but do you have a favourite location? And Why?

I have a massive soft spot for Marbella. I feel Sintillate have been instrumental in its position as a party destination and have helped shape the party scene and nightlife since our original involvement 9 years ago. Most of the staff involved in the scene at one point worked for us and we continue to push the boundaries of what customers can expect. When we conceived the ‘Champagne Spray Party’ 6 years ago, who would have thought it would become quite the phenomenon it has!

3. On a personal level you are friends with quite a few celebs now, who would you say you are closest to?

I’m close to Chris Fountain, Dane Bowers, Phil Olivier, Ryan Thomas, Westlife… actually there really are so many that I consider friends!

4. What is your most memorable Sintillate moment?

Coming from a fashion background we conceived Sintillate as a lifestyle brand. When there was an article in a Sunday papers style supplement stating that Sintillate was now influencing fashion trends as Studio 54 once did, I knew we had created something special!

5. How do you get involved with Sintillate?

I had been modelling all over the World for 12 years and decided that, with my contacts, to start up a business. I don’t like doing anything half-hearted so our business plan embraced new media in a way that hadn’t been done before; with a website, email invites and photos taken of guests put onto a website (just like the fashion magazines). This was unheard of at the time! We created a fun, relaxed atmosphere where the fashion, music and media industries could party, backed up by cutting edge music. Accessible exclusivity!

If you have not been to a Sintillate night then you are missing out on some of the BEST clubs nights in history.


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