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Being a swanky holiday resort which attracts a whole host of celebrities every year, one thing there is no shortage of in the Marbella area is hair and beauty salons.

Many of the Marbella hair and beauty salons offer the treatments you read about in the gossip magazines. From top hair stylists ensuring that the Marbella residents or visitors can look as glamorous as their favourite celebrity, to amazing luxury beauty treatments.

At Celebrities in Marbella we will showcase and feature some of the top hair and beauty salons in Marbella so that when you are looking for hair stylists or specific beauty treatments, you will know exactly where to book.

If we know specific Marbella hair and beauty salons that celebrities have visited while on their trip we will of course let you know where and if possible what they had done.

Golden Tarts Marbella

Our first entry into the Celebrity visited hair and beauty salons page is Golden Tarts in La Cala who were the choice of some of the TOWIE cast members when they were in Marbella.

Golden Tarts have opened a new salon right in the heart of Puerto Banus so they now operate out of both La Cala and Puerto Banus.

See here for information on Golden Tarts and here for Lydia & Arg having some treatments in Marbella.

Bliss Hair & Beauty

Located in the commercial centre in the Cabo Bermejo development between Marbella and Estepona. Lance looks after the hair styling team while Jules looks after the beauty section of the salon.

They have been on the coast for a good for years and have a great reputation and many loyal clients.

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