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Hogan Stand Quiz Night

It is really quite amazing how many people love a good quiz. Maybe it the competitive side we all possess, some more apparent than others, but we all have one.

Well I am glad to say that we can unleash our competitiveness every Thursday night thanks to Hannanh Murray’s quiz night at the Hogan Stand in San Pedro de Alcantara.

Firstly let me describe the Hogan Stand. It is an Irish Pub named after a famous stand at Croke Park in Dublin and of course is an Irish pub with a separate gourmet restaurant attached. It is very popular with locals as it offers great food and a lovely homely atmosphere which is always welcoming.

San Pedro de Alcantara is a town just before you get to Puerto Banus. It has undergone huge regeneration since the underpass was built to take the traffic under the town instead of through it. The Hogan Stand is located on the old through road just before the tuning to access the town centre.

Quiz Night
As you may have noticed, Hannah Murray has her own weekly column on this site and she is also a presenter at Talk Radio Europe, the main English radio station on the coast. Every Thursday night for the last five years or so she has hosted a quiz night at the Hogan Stand.

The format of the quiz is straight forward, at 8.00pm lots of quizzers gather ready for the start. It is just 2 euros per person to enter with a maximum of six people in a team. You are provided with the answer sheets, scrap paper to write on and pens.

Hannah will then ask a series of questions relating to different subjects i.e. General Knowledge, Food & Drink, News & Current Affairs etc.

It is a great atmosphere and a fun night and a social occasion. Quite simply the winning team are the ones with the highest score.They get a 40 euro voucher to spend in the Hogan Stand restaurant and the second placed team win a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates.

After the main quiz there is a money round which is just one euro per person and is a weekly accumulative jackpot that rolls over if nobody wins. The questions are read from a Trivial Pursuit card and the teams need to answer all correctly, as they appear on the card.

This is a lot harder than it sounds and the jackpot is often at a few hundred euros. Recently a team that were on holiday in Marbella joined in and walked away with a 500 euro jackpot!

Whether you are a resident in Marbella or on holiday, a visit to Hannah’s quiz night is always something worth doing and a great way to meet new people.

Venue: The Hogan Stand
Location: San Pedro de Alcantara
Night of week: Thursday
Time: 8.00pm
Cost: 2 euros for main quiz and 1 euro for money round
Fun: In abundance

There is no need to come with a team as Hannah will always do her best to ensure that you are part of a team.


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