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Infuschia at Tibu

The popular nightspot TIBU Marbella launched its brand new restaurant recently in front of a respectable crowd. Having already been a well visited restaurant previously as Bubles, TIBU wanted to do something a little different and they have certainly achieved it with Infuschia.

Infuschia is located next door to TIBU in the very heart of Puerto Banus, Marbella and now provides a mixture of Asian fusion food together with a full on teppanyaki show for guests.

Infuschia Marbella describes itself as Pan Asian cuisine but however you want to describe the food it is simply delicious.

With incredible sushi and mouthwatering Japanese and Oriental style food visitors to Puerto Banus must add this restaurant to their list of ‘must dine at’ establishments.

Guests can dine inside or on the open air terrace and even get entrance to Linekers or TIBU after their meal if they wish.

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