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La Sala in the Sky

Some of you may have dined in some of the best restaurants in the world or eaten in some of the most exotic locations on the planet, but have you eaten at 50 metres in the sky strapped into your seat?

La Sala in the Sky is brand new to Marbella for the summer season and offers a totally unique dining experience. Brought to you in association with Dinner in the Sky, this concept has already proved incredibly successful in many other locations around the world. Thrill seekers can get to enjoy that adrenalin rush of being suspended 50 metres above the ground while enjoying a 5-course gourmet meal prepared by renowned chef Aitor Perurena.

Our La Sala in the Sky experience.

I accompanied Hannah Murray and Steph Miller of Talk Radio Europe to La Sala in Puerto Banus, armed with my camera and phone ready to film from the ground as they ascended to 50 metres for their dinner. We were met at the welcome area and provided with refreshments as we waited for the Mayor of Marbella and guests to complete their dinner experience.

Eventually they arrived back on solid ground for photos, and the ‘platform’ was readied for the next sitting. Everyone that came off the first dinner in the sky was talking enthusiastically about the food and the setting. Meanwhile Hannah and Steph sipped another glass of white wine. They tell me they were thirsty but I think they were feeling just a little bit nervous.

The platform was restocked and the guests were invited to take their seats so they could be strapped in by the staff. At this point a couple of guests got cold feet, and promptly vacated their seats. Suddenly I was thrust into the experience and strapped in opposite Hannah and Steph.

There was a great mixture of guests from representatives of the Olive Press and Marbella Hot Magazine to La Sala directors and staff. Thankfully it was a really friendly and fun bunch of people (there is no moving seats at 50 metres) so the whole experience was even more fun.

Initially we ascended to 10 metres and were given a brief safety talk. Many guests thought we were already at maximum height but we were told that we were about to go another four times higher. Up we went while wine was poured and the first course was readied.

Chef Aitor was on-board and strapped to the central area where his waiters helped prepare and serve the food.
First to be served was an fantastic Blood Mary Foam, served on a bed of avocado and finished with a fresh cockle – one word to describe this, DELICIOUS!

Wine glasses were refilled and the next course of Tuna Tartar with Lime Cloud was plated and served.
Even at 50 metres above the ground the smell of the different dishes was mouth-watering. In between dishes we were able to swivel our chairs and take in the incredible views above Puerto Banus. Some mad people (Hannah and Steph to be precise) even went as far as reclining their chairs!

The next course was sublime; it was Spider Crab Cannelloni with a Cardinal Prawn – YUM!

Of course wine glasses were topped up again but this time with a lovely deep red in preparation for the Teriyaki Lacquered Beef. This was a cut from the cheek and I have never honestly had such a flavoursome and tender piece of meat. I rested my knife on the beef and it simply glided through as if it was butter.

After a few minutes we had time to catch up with our fellow diners on either side, then Champagne glasses were filled, and an incredible dessert was put in front of us. Not only did it look amazing it tasted like heaven (I guess we were all a bit closer eating in the sky). The dessert was quite simply called ‘Special Magnum by Estudio Gastronomico. The flavour was incredible – white chocolate with passion fruit.

After a short while, having had a fabulous meal and enjoyed some great company, it was time to come back down to earth.

This was pitched as a once in a lifetime experience and I have to agree. If you love gourmet food, meeting new people, heights, and doing something very few people have done before, then La Sala in the Sky is a must.

They offer 45 minute canapé option for just under 100 euros per person, or the ultimate dinner experience we had starting from 250 euros per person. Remember you are not just paying for an incredible 5 course meal, you are paying for a unique and once in a lifetime experience too.

You only have until September to enjoy this and seats are getting booked fast. For more information and bookings just call +34 617 568 390 / +34 952 814 145 or see

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