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Life on Marbs

The Only Way is Marbs has been a much loved extension of the TOWIE reality TV show and has now become an annual event. Not only do the ‘cast’ enjoy filming in the Marbella sunshine in a host of swanky clubs, many of the tourists follow them around and frequent the same establishments.

So it was really only a matter of time before Marbella got its very own TOWIE style reality TV show.

Filming is already underway for the new show called ‘Life on Marbs’ and it will feature many expats who have set up home on the Costa del Sol’s playground.

One of the main people to feature in the show will be someone already very much accustomed to being a part of The Only Way is Marbella, Sarah Carter the owner of trendy hair and beauty salon Golden Tarts.

Here at Celebrities in Marbella we were lucky enough to be invited by Sarah to take some of the photos when the TOWIE cast first started their filming in Marbella with some great pics of Arg, Lydia and Jess Wright. We were also proud to have been invited to Essex to a launch party of a former TOWIE cast member, Ellie Redman (the creator of the famous phrase ‘No Carbs Before Marbs’).

In addition we have been involved in the Marbella Fashion week, again with a former TOWIE star Adam Ryan (one of the original twins from the first series).

The new show ‘Life on Marbs’ is produced by the same people behind TOWIE and is sure to be a hit. Even some of the TOWIE cast are set to make some cameo appearances in the show too.

Another main member of the new show will be the lovely Lina Hodgkins, the extremelt hardworking PR manager at Linekers Group which includes Linekers, Portside and TIBU but to mention a few. See an interview with did with Lina a little while ago here

The 12-part series will hot the TV screens in the UK later in the year. In the meantime when we get more information we will bring it to you, inclusing some interviews with the cast members.

Watch this space for more on ‘Life on Marbs’!

Sarah from Golden Tarts

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