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Linekers Banus

There is a lover of cheesy music hidden inside most of us waiting to get out and I guarantee a trip to Linekers in Puerto Banus, Marbella will set it free.

Located at the far end of the second line (if you enter at the Benabola end of the port), is the well established Linekers Bar owned by Gary Lineker’s brother, Wayne Lineker.

For as long as I can remember Linekers has been run by Marbella’s number one party girl ‘Lina Hodgkins‘ who you will find working hard most nights (and days).

Linekers has become a massive hit for hen and stag parties up to around June and then it is the summer holiday crowd who make it in to one of the busiest bars in the area.

There is a VIP area available for hire and ample space to jig around to your favourite tunes. There is even a large outside area for the smokers and people that need some fresh air.

Inside around the dance floor, for the more confident (or usually drunk) are podiums complete with poles. Every night you will see 14 stone men trying to show off their ‘skills’ around the pole, along with very drunk women cavorting with the pole.

It might all sound like your worst nightmare but once inside Linekers, the party demon in you is sure to rear its head and before you know it, you will be right up there with the pole dancers.

It is a fun place but gets very busy but all in all, Linekers is a must if you are in Marbella on a ‘clubbers’ holiday. Trendy it is not but fun it certainly is.

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