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Marbella Diary 3 November

My sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew are in Marbella for a few days and camped out at my apartment. Last night Hannah Murray had a brainwave of on idea to entertain not just the kids but the adults too, BOWLING!

A message to friends Bill Padley and Karen Jane Danzig and the excitement was almost fever pitch. Bill and Karen arrived in a taxi and it was all into my car as we headed in a two car convoy to La Canada shopping centre in Marbella, battling through the traffic and the heavy rain. After a 15 minute drive around looking for a parking space we donned brollies, hoodies and in Hannah’s case a handbag so we could stay as dry as possible.

We entered the shopping centre in Marbella and were nearly running with excitement now – up the escalators and heading over to the bowling alley. We passed the cinema with the waft of freshly popped pop corn and there in front was the bowling centre, but something didn’t look quite right. In fact it looked far from alright!

The shutters were down, post on the floor, and despite the sign in the window proudly stating that it is open 365 days a year, it was CLOSED! We later discovered it has been closed for a few months – this was a disaster. At this point I am not sure if it was the adults more disappointed or the kids, no wait I think the adults edged it.

So what now? Brains ticking over trying to think how to amuse the kids – another brainwave and it was decided that the amusement arcade by the cinema in Puerto Banus was the best option (having double checked with the guru of things to do with kids, Michelle Mack).

The rain now was much heavier so it was a wet walk to the car and then a slow drive to Puerto Banus and to the underground car park. Back out into the rain and YES there it was the arcade and what’s more it was open. So in we went and the excitement was nearly too much to handle, a quick basketball challenge between me and Hannah (which was won by me of course) and then it was the biggest challenge of the night, a dance off between Hannah and Karen (not sure who won though as they were both as bad as each other). After a driving race challenge between Hannah and I (won by me again) out stomachs were rumbling and ready for food.

Back to the car and in convoy we headed back towards Estepona to the new ‘Golden Wok’ all you can eat buffet opposite Benavista. It was like an Aladdin’s cave of Asian food. The process of being seated and ordering drinks seemed to take an age, with all that food waiting to be devoured, but in reality it took about 3 minutes. Drinks ordered and it was off to the Sushi and oh boy what a choice. Plates piled high, course number one was amazing.

Back up for the second course and it was dim sum for me and Hannah while some of the others headed for the hot buffet. This was heaven on a plate – totally delicious food. At least three / four more trips (ok maybe five) and I think we tried every hot dish available, but that was not enough for Hannah, Bill and Karen as they headed to the cold counter to add their own ingredients to take to the chefs to be stir fried. There was lots of giggling and on their return, and Karen’s plate resembled La Concha (the Marbella mountain). Apparently even the chefs were at a loss on how to best cook this food mountain but cook it they did and in no more then ten minutes Karen’s plate was clean.

I guess you are all thinking that would be it but come on, we hadn’t had pudding yet. Tiramisu, chocolate mousse, profiteroles, cream and chocolate sauce. No that is not me listing everything they had that was my plate of pudding. OK now I think we were actually full (although a message from Karen when she got home was to tell us she was actually hungry again).

Time for taxi’s home and that was a summary of my Marbella diary for Friday 3rd November 2012 and our first experience of the Golden Wok, Estepona. I just hope they let us back because if there are too many patrons like us, they will go bust in two weeks.

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