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Marbella Diary 4 November

Well even after the previous nights feast fit for Kings I woke up the next day feeling peckish, but today was all about the rain – it was absolutely tipping down. A quick trip to the local Mercadona supermarket for supplies and tonights dinner (4 adults and 2 kids to feed) and the next subject was lunch!

A quick debate with Hannah Murray of Talk Radio Europe and it was decided that San Pedro de Alcantara in Marbella was the best option and even more exciting was that we were heading to El Rincon de La Sala, somewhere I had not yet managed to get to despite the amazing reviews. Note: El Rincon de La Sala in San Pedro is the brand new restaurant and lounge bar from the owners of the popular La Sala in Puerto Banus and has only been open a few weeks.

My sister, brother-in-law and the kids had decided to venture down to Gibraltar for a spot of Christmas stocking up so it was me and Hannah Murray on the Radio left to lunch in Marbella on our own.

Upon arrival sheltering from the downpour under a large golf umbrella and we could see that the outside terrace was heaving, as was the inside of the restaurant. We decided to wait for a table and so glad we did. Now comfortably seated on the outside terrace under the awnings watching the rain crash down we decided to opt for some of the tapas.

Cod fritters, fried aubergine, Russian salad and a mini hamburger was ordered and it was all totally yum! I recommend this establishment for lunch or dinner, it is like a trendy London eatery serving some tasty Spanish food.

With lunch eaten one more quick drink and we were ready to go until that is we saw the birthday boy Sebastian McLeod (of Richard Lewis Living & Marbella Mansions fame) and his parents and sisters walking towards the restaurant. They were convinced to have a bite to eat and we toasted Sebs 30th birthday.

We left Seb to it as he now only had a couple of hours until his Birthday celebrations. It was back to PJ Towers for a Scrabble challenge and there were some squeaky bum moments as Hannah took an early and quite convincing lead with a huge triple word score. However an eight letter word (fearsome) using all my tiles saved my bacon as I pulled back in front and maintained the lead until the end, for another win of the weekend.

The family arrived just as the days Scrabble challenge had finished and it was now left to Hannah to cook her amazing breaded chicken. Needless to say there were clean plates all round.

After a mass clear up it was time for X Factor!

So there you have another day for PJ of Marbella Celebrities accompanied by the one they call Hannah Murray on the radio.

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