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Marbella Cold Spell

The cold spell has well and truly hit parts of Spain bringing snow and low temperatures. Some parts of Spain are of course not unused to snow. Granada and Ronda for example see snow every year, with Sierra Nevada, just over 2 hours drive from Marbella, being a popular ski destination during the winter months.

This spell however has snow falling in parts of Spain that are certainly not used to seeing the white stuff falling from the skies.

Valencia and parts of Alicante started the morning off with some quite heavy snow flurries, while some of the mountain areas saw heavy snow falls.

Luckily Marbella has managed to escape the snow but the temperatures have dropped quite significantly. In some of the higher ground above Marbella it is expected that temperatures will fall below zero at night with other areas remaing around 5 degrees.

Now many of you living in northern European countries will be reading this thinking ‘zero? Try -10 during the day’, but to most of us living here for a few years, this is a bit of a shock to the system.

Hannah Murray of Talk Radio Europe had people calling in on her breakfast show this morning with stories of snow on the beaches of Estepona and Marbella back in the 20’s and 30’s, so it is not unheard of down here on the coast. There was also a call from someone on the Costa Blanca calling in to say how they were stuck in traffic on the way to Alicante airport due to the snow.

It was fascinating watching some of the videos and viewing the photos people were posting up of the snow in their areas. Torrevieja had a covering of snow, much to the delight of many of the younger kids and parts of Valencia saw some heavier snow falls.

As I write this the clouds have covered the normal blue skies and there is some strange wet stuff starting to fall across Marbella.

Well let’s hope we can all cope with these 2 to 3 days of chilly weather before the sun comes back out, the skies turn blue again and the temperatures get back up to the mid ‘teens’. This colder weather is very disruptive to our lunches on the terraces, golf and social lives, not to mention we have had to find clothing with long sleeves!

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