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Paris Hilton in Marbella

So who would like to be the Paris Hilton’s BFF in Marbella?

Actually she is not coming to find another Kim Kardashian, she is heading to Marbella to help promote her musical career. Yes you heard that right, ‘music career’ as a celebrity DJ.

Paris Hilton has already tried her hand at singing and to be honest, it didn’t really take off as she would have hoped so now, the queen of reality tv is trying out as a DJ.

It seems that more celebrities are turning to the decks for their new ‘fix’ after seeing the success of many other celebrity DJ’s over the last few years.

With David Guetta having already played in Marbella, Paris Hilton is opting for exclusive nightclub Olivia Valere to show off her turntable skills on 18 August.

She is a long way off of filling up an entire football stadium like Guetta will at the beginning of August but let’s see how she gets on in front of a Marbella crowd that takes their clubbing seriously and who take no prisoners.

If you want to go and see what she looks like in real life then you can pay 70 to 100 euros to enter Oliva Valere and see what she is made of.

Paris is expected to arrive by private jet (because she can) and then fly straight off after her set to do gigs in Amnesia in Ibiza and L’Atlantida in Barcelona.

She has already played in India so this should be a walk in the park but she will be playing to crowds who are used to some of the world’s best DJ’s so let’s hope she really is up to the job.

Many are wondering whether Paris Hilton will be accompanied by her young Spanish model River Viiperi on her Marbella trip. All will be revealed on 18th August in Marbella’s most exclusive nightclub!

SO are you ready to see Paris Hilton live in Marbella as she carves out a DJ career for herself?


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