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Prince Villa For Sale

prince villa
Do you want to live like a Prince? No really, you can live like a Prince in Marbella, well in El Paraiso Alto to be precise.

The late music super legend Prince owned a stunning detached villa in El Paraiso where he used to spend a lot of time getting away from the madness of the industry, which eventually resulted in his tragic and hugely premature death.

That villa has been on the market since April of last year but surprisingly is not drumming up much interest (excuse the musical pun). It might be the €5.2 million price tag that is putting people off, but you would still expect people to be interested from a nostalgic point of view.

Prince purchased the property after he performed on the Costa del Sol way back in 1990. He was so taken with the area that he purchased the property in 1998 and set about transforming it to suit his tastes and requirements.

There is so much romantic history attached to the villa. Prince purchased it as a wedding gift for his former wife Mayte Garcia back in 1998. Apparently he wrote many of his great hits while relaxing at the property with his former wife, inspired by his beautiful surroundings.

The villa of course comes complete with a recording studio as well as a tennis court, luxury gymnasium and large swimming pool.

If you want to literally live in the footsteps of music royalty then this substantial home is the place to buy.

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