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14th October 2013 will see the official launch of PROINCINE, The Professional Association of the Film and Advertising Industries. The inauguration will take place at the Malaga Chamber of Commerce.

PROINCINE came about as a result of a producer Sara Nicoll who has both British and Hispanic origins with the overall aim of ensuring that film and advertising industries from Malaga and Andalucia are well represented and promoted overseas.

It will help to promote the region as an ideal venue for filming due to the varied and diverse landscapes and scenery and of course the easy access to the area.

The association will work hard to gain notoriety for the area and to increase the presence of the Malaga and Andalucia film industries within the international film festivals, which was kick-started at last year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Currently some of the members of PROINCINE include Good Rolling Films, Mare Nostrum, Southern Sun, Camera Service Rental, Fresco Films Services, Big Foot Productions, Locations Spain and Euromedia films.

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