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Silent Film Blancanieves

Here at Celebrities in Marbella we like a bit of culture, especially when it’s Spanish culture. Films and music are a passion so when we here of something coming out of Spain that is set to become an international hit we get a little excited.

It is not always as easy as it sounds to find cultural things in Marbella, that usually requires a trip to Malaga city centre. That was why it was so good to read about this film, which was available to see in the Marbella cinemas.

Many of you will remember the Oscar winning silent movie ‘The Artist’. Having won 10 trophies at Spain’s Goya awards Snow White (Blancanieves) is a silent movie which was actually completed before The Artist made a name for silent movies in the modern era. It is loosely based upon the Grimm Fairytale, Snow White and is set in Spain’s 1920’s.

We are hoping that the silent film Blancanieves is an internationally acclaimed success!

The film has a talented cast which includes three elements from the original fairytale the dwarfs, snow white and the step mother. But that is where the similarities end. The dwarfs work at the bullfighting ring, Blancanieves’ father is a bullfighter and the mother a famous flamenco singer.

The film combines dark humour and melodrama and is a must watch.


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