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Nikki Beach White Party 2015

Thursday 28 May was the date in every Marbella socialites diary. It is THE event they look forward to every year. We are of course referring to the Nikki Beach Marbella White Party 2015!

Having purchased brand new gleaming white outfits or dusted off the mothballs, starched, pressed and kitted themselves from head to toe in white, the throngs headed to one of Marbella’s most exclusive beach clubs, Nikki Beach Marbella.

It was the usual who’s who and was the ideal place for people watching, as everyone crushed in to the luxury venue to enjoy what is considered to be ‘the launch party’ of the season.

The Nikki Beach White Parties take place all over the globe to launch the season in all venues, but Nikki Beach Marbella has become famous for its amazing turnout year after year, now making it the central European HQ for the Nikki Beach brand.

There was the usual array of entertainment, fireworks and beautiful people drinking Champagne and dancing until the early hours of the morning.

If for some reason you missed the 2015 Nikki Beach Marbella White Party, then don’t worry, you only have a year to wait until the next one. In the meantime make sure you attend one of the many themed parties at the club throughout the season.

Some people will even be attending the ‘Recovery Brunch’ from 12pm on Friday 29 May.

The weekend of 30th and 31st May sees the Brazil Party followed by the first Amazing Sunday of the year, both getting underway from 1pm.

And as Nikk Beach would say “tell only your best friends”.

nikki beach white party 2015

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