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World Record Day

Our favourite radio personality here in Marbella is going for a new world record and needs your support.

Hannah Murray of Marbella based Talk Radio Europe is turning from ‘Marbella quiz mistress‘ to ‘contestant’ on Thursday 17th November 2011 as she attempts to name as many capital cities in one minute as she can. The 17th November is officially Guinness World Record Day so Hannah will need to name 34 cities in a minute to be the new world record holder.

Most of us already know that Hannah can ‘talk’ for England (so to speak), but let’s see if she can do it for a place in world history (no pressure then).

Make sure you tune in so you can hear Hannah earn herself a place in the Guiness Book of Records (we have every faith that she will do it).

Remember if you see Hannah out and about in Marbella before then don’t say hello, just yell a country at her!!

Celebrities in Marbella of course wish Hannah the best of luck…we know you can do it!

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