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Amir Khan Marbella Infidelity

I am sitting here reading a story in the Olive Press (a local medium for Marbella and the Costa del Sol) about ex world champion boxer Amir Khan and an alleged spot of infidelity in Marbella. Of course I have no idea of the true facts but the thing that has grabbed my attention is the alleged statement (from the Olive Press) from a Solicitor called Tanya Reed.

The story states that she ‘stripped down to her underwear and got in the hot tub with him in Marbella’ but hey, she kept her shoes on (hmmm ok) but shock – Amir ripped off her shoes and THREW them out of the hot tub before kissing her. The next alleged statement from this upstanding solicitor Tanya Reed goes on to say that ‘she knew he was engaged and he is a slimebag’ saying she feels sorry for Amir’s fianceé. ‘If I could say anything to her it would be don’t marry him as he is a cheat’

OK so lets’s examine this a little more – Tanya Reed STRIPPED down to her underwear and got in a hot tub knowing full well that he is engaged to be married. She then has the cheek to say that he is a cheat. Forgive me for being a little thick here but didn’t she just play a massive part in this. Didn’t she strip and get in a hot tub with him.

Well call me slightly cynical but it looks like Tanya Reed is bored of being a solicitor (because who would possibly trust her now), so she saw an opportunity for some publicity.

OK I am not condoning Amir’s behaviour but to me the worst culprit here (controversial I know) is Tanya Reed.

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