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Ban Thai Marbella

Thai food is a personal favourite of mine and it is growing in popularity with Hannah Murray of Talk Radio Europe, who, until we got together was not a big lover of spicy food.

Hannah had purchased yet another great value voucher from Cool Deals, most of which have been food related!
This deal was in a restaurant called Ban Thai in central Marbella, which has already received amazing reviews from diners, including a glowing review from Giles Brown of Talk Radio Europe.

We were impressed by the overall look of the restaurant from the outside, and it felt like we were in the Fulham Road in London looking at the latest trendy Thai restaurant. Inside was just as amazing with its chic, modern and trendy décor.

The nights are getting a little cooler so we decided to eat inside, although there is also ample space outside.


We were greeted by the Maître d, who was extremely helpful and welcoming. Having been shown to our table we were given the menus, so firstly checked out the wine list.

To my delight there was some French Côtes de Provence rosé, and even more exciting it was Chateau Minuty. There was also some Domain OT, but I was more than happy with the standard Chateau Minuty priced at a very reasonable 25€.

While we waited for our wine we reviewed the menu and were very impressed at the dishes on offer. In my opinion it is important for a restaurant to provide a good and appetising description for their dishes. ‘Meat in a hot sauce’ does not do it for me so I was very happy to read mouth-watering descriptions and names of dishes I had not personally seen in many other Thai restaurants.

Decisions were made and the food was ordered. Hannah opted for deep fried cheese balls with crab, chicken green curry and a vegetable rice dish with cashew nuts, served in a pineapple! I went for chicken spring rolls served in lettuce leaves, chicken massaman, and prawn and vegetable rice.

Our starters arrived and both of us were in food heaven. The flavours were exquisite and we didn’t want them to end. We were a little worried about getting strange looks what with all the satisfying noises we were making, but couldn’t help ourselves! If these were just the starters you can just imagine how excited we were for our main courses.

Well after a short break they arrived, and we were stunned into silence as we mmmmmm’ed and ahhhhhhh’ed our way through some of the best Thai food we have ever experienced.

Both Hannah and I have eaten at many restaurants in Marbella and many are good, but simply ‘just good’. This one I am pleased to say was quite amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a great night out and dining experience.

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