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Cable Ski Marbella

There are some great things to do in Marbella and it doesn’t all have to revolve around eating and drinking, although we did hit the strawberry daiquiri’s at 11am.

That said, there are some great activities available for the slightly more adventurous and outgoing.

On Saturday 23 May, a group of us decided to head off to the Marbella Cable Ski (Wakeboard Centre Marbella) located in Guadalmina, for an afternoon of wakeboarding (and sunbathing for those that weren’t into that).

Having never been before it was a lovely surprise to see how nice the venue was. There were some luxury sunbeds available which until July are free to use. In July and August they are 50 euros for the bed, although you get some drinks included. Considering you can easily fit 4 people on each bed, it is still very cheap, and these type of beds at a beach club in Marbella would easily set you back well over 100 euros.

There is also a nice bar and restaurant called Redwoods, making it ideal for those that were not interested in actually wakeboarding to enjoy the day as well. They had a nice ‘American’ style menu with burgers and nachos as well as some traditional Spanish dishes.

In the end there were about 12 of us on the sunbeds and 6 of us actually doing the wakeboarding.

We went down to the hire centre and sorted out our laps and wakeboard hire. Five laps were 15 euros each, and half day wakeboard hire was 20 euro. If there are more than one of you going you can share the board, so we hired two boards and split it bewteen the six of us.

I was elected to go first having done wakeboarding many years ago from a boat. It was quick to establish that wakeboarding using a cable was quite different in terms of the ‘launch’.

First of all I used their recommendation of the astro turf jetty. As I could see the cable arriving I prepared, leant back and….face planted into the water. Next up was Namoi (from the Hogan Stand Irish pub and restaurant in San Pedro). She tried the same approach, sadly with the same outcome.

Not deterred I was talked into trying the jumping start which basically means you count to two when you here the click of you cable and then jump towards the water. FACE PLANT again for me. Naomi tried this approach too but again the same thing happened to her.

Finally, for my next go I tried a sitting start, which felt much like the start I was used to from a boat. This time I was up and off, well until I got up to a turn, something I had not needed to do from behind a boat. Anyway I was not worried as I had managed a good half a lap. I went back (having been picked up by the boat) and managed it again, this time getting even further around.

It was a thouroughly enjoyable day and I would highly recommend a visit to the Marbella Cable Ski in Guadalmina

Parque de las Medranas
S/N Guadalmina Alta
San Pedro de Alc√°ntara


Marbella Cable Ski and Wakeboarding Centre

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