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Concert Prices

Starlite Marbella has already started to announce the acts that will appear at the venue in 2017. Sir Elton John returns to the Costa del Sol this year, as does Andrea Bocelli. Other acts include the Bootleg Beatles, but I am guessing there are more to be announced.

As we know the Starlite Marbella venue has now been entertaining many Marbella visitors and locals for a few years now, and many of us residents in Marbella have enjoyed differing experiences of seeing a concert there.

I myself have been a few times, a few complimentary and others paid for. There is a vast difference in views from the seating areas with the lower cost tickets right at the top and back of the auditorium where you are better viewing the large screens at the side of the stage than trying to focus on the actual stage itself.

That said I have enjoyed some concerts and not others. It has always been a bit ‘hit and miss’ when it comes to the night. Sometimes it has been the food area that has let the night down but on a couple of occasions it was the seating and views that was not great. Other times it was amazing on all accounts.

However in my opinion, when you pay out to see a concert you want the whole experience to be fun, exciting and memorable for all the right reasons, every time you go. There should not be occasions where you feel let down or hard done by.

So I saw something mentioned on Facebook today and thought I would take a look and I am a little shocked to confirm that it was true.

Andrea Bocelli Ticket Prices Marbella

Excluding boxes and VIP areas, if you would like to see Andrea Bocelli in a good seat you will need to pay 494,01€ for a ‘super’ premium stall, next down is a premium stall at 379,72€ per ticket. The low cost seats right at the back of the Starlite Marbella auditorium will set you back 138.25€ per person , 276,50€ for a couple to go and see him (sorry but you won’t really see much).

Now if you happen to be in a wheelchair I am sorry to say you will be penalised with a ticket price of 275.58€ for a ‘wheelchair space’.

Now is it me or do these ticket prices seem extortionately high? Andrea Bocelli is a genius but does he warrant those prices. That said I have looked at some other concerts he is doing and the prices do vary in price, and in some cases are not far off these.

Elton John at Starlite Marbella 2017

So a quick look at Sir Elton John tickets and the cheapest for this concert are 150€ per ticket, but to see him at Twickenham it would be from £110.

On the other end of the scale, to go and see the Bootleg Beatles it will cost you 32.26€ per ticket for the lowest cost seats.

I have been to many great concerts in Marbella and see some incredible acts and well known bands and singers, some of which I would consider music legends. It seems that prices in general for a concert have increased quite dramatically over the last few years.

With the news that one of the world’s most talented singer songwriters, George Benson will be performing at the Puente Romano this year for around 35€ per ticket, I think I will stick to these concerts where I can see the artist, hear the music and enjoy a memorable night of entertainment.

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