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Kevin Leslie Interview

Hi Kevin, firstly congratulations on your award at the Marbella International Film Festival, we are sure there will be many more to come.

We have a few questions for you about your acting career so far and your ambitions for the future, plus of course a few fun swerve balls thrown in.

rise of the krays

1 – At what age did you realise you wanted a career in acting?

I started performing in schools shows around the age of 15/16 but didn’t think I could actually do this as a profession until I was into my second year of training around the age of 21. Up until that point I was just enjoying growing in confidence and person.

2 – You studied acting and graduated with a BA hons degree, do you recommend this to all budding ‘actors’? What advantages did this provide you with?

I don’t think people appreciate how invaluable training is. For me It’s the time in your early career where you really get to play, practice and explore your skills. You can really discover with other actors different accents, characters and styles of acting, all in a safe environment. You get exposure and guidance on how to handle classic and modern texts.

3 – You have done a lot of stage acting which is very different to screen acting. What are the stand out differences for you and which did you prefer?

It’s hard to say which one I prefer as they both give something so different. For me the differences between the two aren’t too different. As an actor you still think and feel the same but it’s in the delivery. On stage the space is generally bigger so you enhance your reactions to make sure they can be seen, where as in film sometimes you do nothing but you’re doing everything. But really it can all depend on the situation ie if you have an intimate theatre you won’t need to express as much.

4 – We notice your nickname is ‘buddy’, care to explain?

Ha ha I sure can, when I was born my brother came into the hospital and said that’s ‘My buddy’ that is (in terms of friends) so it stuck with me even to this day all my family call me Bud or Buddy.

5 – How was it acting on the Globe Stage?

Without sounding like a cliché a dream come true, I was only in an ensemble role so I do hope one day to return in a more substantial part.

6 – What type of research did you have to do for your role in Rise of the Krays

Erm I read as much as was humanely possible in 5 days because that’s how quick It was from being cast to first day of filming. John Pearsons book ‘The Profession of violence’ was my bible. Also I researched a lot about the brothers online. There wasn’t much footage of them other than a 2 minute clip on youtube.

7 – What was you most memorable moment making the film?

The whole process of the two films, we shot them back to back. I really enjoyed working on this project as there was a real family togetherness on set everyone put there blood, sweat and tears into making these films the best they could possibly be.

8 – What was your most shocking / disturbing moment making the film?

The character bleeding into my reality, It was hard sometimes to leave Reggie on set.

9 – favourite actress and why?

(Hard to only choose one) Meryl Streap – because I never see her only the character she is playing.

10 – Favourite actor and why?

(Again hard to choose just one) Leo Di Caprio – I think he’s under appreciated. For me he’s one of the best actors of our time up there with the likes of Daniel Day Lewis, Forest Whittaker, De Niro, Pachino etc

11 -Favourite film and why?

Most recently – Southpaw – was emotive, action packed, edge of you’re seat kind of movie.
Disney – Fox & The Hound (a great message and who doesn’t like a bit of Disney)
Classic – Shawshank Redemption
War – Saving Private Ryan

Too hard to choose just one there’s so many.

12 – last album you listened to?

Motown – The very best of the 60’s

13 – last book you read?

Cold Call – Colin Chapman

14 – If you could choose any film role for yourself what would it have been?

007 – James Bond and you never know there may still be hope 😉

16 – Finally what does the future hold for Kevin Leslie?

A bright one, hopefully lol. I’ve got a few films still to come ‘Fall of the Krays’ being the obvious one. A couple more film jobs over the next 3 months. I’d like to break into a bit more TV and go back into Theatre. Most of all keep striving for that BAFTA.

Trailer for Rise of the Krays starring Kevin Leslie

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