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Marbella Rugby Club Embargoed

There have been many times of the years I have lived in Marbella that some decisions made by the various authorities’ beggar belief. Decisions made regardless of the people it affects or the consequences of some of the actions taken on the local community itself. The latest news about the freezing of the non-profit accounts of Marbella Rugby Club is one of those exact situations.

The club has occupied the same municipal land since 1992 and is one of the longest established sports clubs in the whole of Marbella. It has provided important activities for all ages groups over the years and built up a substantial local following, as well as having an important role in the Marbella community.

The Provincial Tax Collection Agency (known officially as Patronato Provincial de Recaudación) has unbelievably placed an embargo on Marbella Rugby Club’s accounts stating that they owe IBI on the facilities.

When they first set-up they were granted access to occupy the land by a municipal government commission back in 1992. An agreement was in place whereby the club would attend to the upkeep and the ongoing maintenance of the facilities, which they have done outstandingly over the years. There was never a mention of the club needing to pay IBI as it is not owned by them and is in fact public property.

Even more bizarre is the data on which the demand has been based. The actual tax claims date back to April 2015 at which point the land registry office in Marbella changed the ‘type’ of land from its original ‘green land’ status in 1986 valued at 90,000€ to a ‘sporting area’ from 2010 now valued at 4.2 million euros.

Nobody at the club was ever made aware of IBI being owed or the fact that the land had been re-classified. The authorities now want 112,000€ from the club before they will unfreeze the accounts.

If the club are not successful with their appeal then one of Marbella’s oldest and well respected sports clubs might be forced to close leaving many children with no rugby facilities.

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