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Ocean Beach Club Ibiza

Here in Marbella we are no strangers to good parties and with a great choice of beach clubs on offer the summer is just one big rave. Many visitors to Marbella also do the circuit and are also regular visitors to the party island of Ibiza.

One Marbella regular that has set his sights on Ibiza is club owner and entrepreneur Wayne Lineker. With a number of clubs and bars already under his belt in locations like Puerto Banus and Tenerife his latest project is very exciting and will see him enter the beach club arena with Ocean Beach Club Ibiza in San Antonio. And let’s face it if there is someone that knows how to throw a party it is Wayne Lineker.

Here at Celebrities in Marbella we caught up with Wayne for a chat about his new Ocean Beach Club Ibiza project and what he has in store for revellers in Ibiza.

1 – So what attracted you to Ibiza for this exciting project?

We have been in business now in Ibiza for almost 5 years since the opening of Linekers Ibiza of which has been a big success. So it’s a natural progression really for us. We spotted the premises some 3 years ago and finally we have made a deal on it. Ibiza is the ideal place for the Ocean Beach Club and the venue is in prime position an the sunset side of the bay in San Antonio.

2 – Is this your first beach club project and what made you choose this as your next venture?

Yes its our first one and were very excited. My Son and partner Duane and my partner Tony Truman are heading the development and creation of Ocean Beach Club Ibiza and they are working extremely hard to put all this together. I am very proud of Duane and Im also very lucky he has the Lineker drive and passion as this allows me to take my roll in the promotion and marketing of the brand.

3 – Tell us what Ocean Beach Club Ibiza will have in store for its visitors?

Well we feel that we can take beach clubs to the next level and by that I mean we want to bring our Linekers experience of giving people a good time. We have over the years made this our No1 rule and this will apply to the Ocean Beach Club too. We have also taken a few ideas from Las Vegas, Pool clubs and I honestly think we will find the perfect mixture.

4 – When will you be open to the public?

We are scheduled to open the last week of May to the first 2 weeks of June this summer. There will be a big opening party but dates for this will be announced sometime in March, it will be announced with a large press release and you will hear about it through our Twitter and websites.

5 – Is this the first of more beach clubs and if so where would you love to have one next?

We certainly want this to be the first of many but finding venues like this is very rare and extremely difficult. Our ideal location to open our 2nd one would be Dubai.

6 – What will make Ocean Beach Club Ibiza stand out from the rest?

Ocean Club Ibiza will stand out in this market place because of our unique position on Ibiza that has amazing sunset views. We will be focused on quality from the moment you arrive until you leave. We will have amazing DJ’s playing the best music Ibiza has to offer, 2 amazing restaurants, a unique pool and sunbathing experience and a general all round great venue to enjoy all of Ibiza’s best bits in one location.

7 – Where did you get the inspiration for Ocean Beach Club Ibiza?

Just being in the industry and seeing the success first hand of various pool club venues. No one in particular gave us the inspiration its just a huge passion myself and my partners for this project have.

8 – Are we going to see the famous Champagne Spray parties?

Ocean Club Ibiza will be hosting amazing parties every day of the week ranging from headline DJs to the iconic New York Brunches. We will also be hosting our own Splash Party that I’m sure will occasionally turn into an Ibiza style of the Champagne Spray Party

9 – How can people keep up to date and find out more about Ocean Beach Club Ibiza?

Well you can follow us on twitter @oceanclubibiza which will be giving updates, gossip and giveaways, also our website and for bookings you can also follow me on twitter @waynelineker and on the UK’s newest and fastest growing social media site

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