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Sala Super League Almenara Golf Course

We arrived at the beautiful Almenara Golf Club located right next to the 5 star Almenara Hotel and to be honest I have never heard so much whinging and moaning about the weather and the wind, and it was all from me. However having managed to get over the fact that the wind was howling and it was actually pretty damn cold, we settled in for our morning coffee in the clubhouse. There was no Steve for Team Tee ...

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Adam Machaj Training in Marbella

Marbella could help create the next British heavyweight boxing champion. The Euro Weekly News has reported that Adam Machaj, who is hoping to become the British heavyweight champ, has relocated from his Lancashire home to the sunnier and warmer climate of Fuengirola. He is hoping that this change will put him on track to achieving his ambition of becoming the British Champion. His boxing pedigree certainly ...

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Sala Super League Month Three

The rain poured down during the week but once again the sun was out and shining bright for the Sala Super League Golf event. This month we headed down the coast to La Cañada in Sotogrande. There was a St Patrick’s Day feel to the event with special hats left in the carts for people to wear and some players even sported nice bright green or orange trousers (although I am not convinced this was actually to ho ...

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Sala Super League Month 2

As I write this review of month two of La Sala Golf Super League the rain is literally lashing down and the wind is howling. How much difference 24 hours can make is quite unbelievable. We are thanking our lucky stars that we had hot sun beaming down on us Saturday as we rolled up for the second event of the year. This time the venue was Los Flamingos golf course and Team Tee R E arrived nice and early so w ...

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Week One Sala Super League

La Sala Super League picked the perfect day to start off the 2017 year long tournament, commencing at the Marbella Club Golf Resort in the Benahavis hills. Team Tee R E turned up nice and early at 8.15, and although it was somewhat cold that early in the morning the sun was already shining and the mood was good. Lindsey was already at the venue with her friendly smile waiting to greet the golfers and tell u ...

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Marbella Rugby Club Embargoed

There have been many times of the years I have lived in Marbella that some decisions made by the various authorities’ beggar belief. Decisions made regardless of the people it affects or the consequences of some of the actions taken on the local community itself. The latest news about the freezing of the non-profit accounts of Marbella Rugby Club is one of those exact situations. The club has occupied the s ...

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